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Welcome to my art site. Please feel free to view my works by using the "Viewing Rooms" or contact me for my new Flowbuilt state~of~design Structures.

Patent Pend for Flowbuilt, New Arching Structures

Designer, Artist, Fine Craftsman, and now inventor Lorin Friesen has spent the last year and a half away from painting to develop his new Flowbuilt joinery system. Today, March 16, 2011 Lorin has filed for Patent protection for his structural design that splices flowing wood elements together end to end in record lengths. Lorin's Architectural background has brought him full circle from his Bachelor Degree at Kansas State University, two decades crafting fine furniture, ten years at sculpting and painting, to offering today's new structural elements made possible by his Flowbuilt invention. See Lorin's Sculptural Concepts here for some of his shapely Flow design ideas.